Legacy Partners of London (LPL) was founded in 2005 by Tim Laskey with a Passion and a Purpose. His passion, greater purpose in life, was to leave things better than he found them. His purpose for the firm centered on quality, caring service, and innovative, personal financial planning for clients. As leader of the firm, Tim built a team of like-minded individuals who appreciated a family business atmosphere and were equally focused on developing caring relationships. The Legacy Family believed advisor succession planning was a key component of caring for clients, and the merger with Unity Financial helps accomplish this goal.

In 2018, Tim met with Mark and Amy Switzer for lunch. Mark had just made a transition to opening his own firm, Unity Financial. He was the sole advisor at his firm, and Amy was assisting him as co-owner and Advisor Support Associate. The purpose of the meeting was to explore the possibility of Amy joining the Legacy Family on the operations side, but what came from the meeting was so much more. Tim began mentoring Mark and Amy, and conversations about Mark succeeding Tim as the leader began.

Over time it became obvious that there was an exceptional fit between the two financial planning families. Mark is excited to be leading the combined team under the Unity Financial brand. As a merged firm, relationships with clients and within the team continue to be paramount. We are looking forward to venturing into the future, in unity with clients and one another, offering exceptional care and quality financial planning services.

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